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My love of fishing began, as it does with many anglers, when I was a young lad just eight years of age. My best friend at school ’emigrated’ to Shrewsbury and I have fond memories of us fishing the River Severn during the long and sunny school holidays. We’d fish for anything that would take our bait on a stretch of the river known as ‘The Quarry’ near to the Leisure Centre mostly Gudgeon and small silvers but the occasional Chub would have us captivated for hours until it was time to go home for our supper.


In 2008 I took up fishing once again and re-stocked the tackle with all mod-cons, carbon rods, bait runner reels, fancy pants luggage and the latest and greatest must have gizmo’s however I have more recently swapped carbon for cane and bait runner for pin and returned to the grass roots of angling in a very traditional way as you’ll see from my more recent posts.


Back to the beginning, in 2008 I spent my first year, almost as an apprentice, on the commercials learning the fine art of angling all over again. Then having left the commercial fisheries and returned to the rivers where I once enjoyed the innocence of childhood. In 2011 I joinedLymm Angling Club based in Cheshire and I must say that although I’m slightly biased the clubs waters have provided me with some incredible fishing over the past few years and I’ve met some great anglers who will remain good friends for a long time to come.

A few years ago I started using traditional tackle and along with it came the desire to fish using traditional methods so I can often be found running a stick float through a steady glide for Grayling or Chub or letting a piece of free lined cheese paste find it’s way through a swim in search of a monster. My most unusual catch to date was a 9lb 4oz Catfish on a small club water which took a single grain of corn on 4lb line, it certainly put a bend in the cane rod and made the centre pin scream!!


I'm currently exploring the river stretches in Derbyshire and Staffordshire in the relentless pursuit of Barbel and Chub. My best Barbel so far is 11lb 4oz and my best Chub is 5lb 7oz both from the river Dove and I hope to better that eventually. I'm a member of the Chub Study Group and the Barbel Society and have recently joined the Hook Bait Co. team as a field tester so with access to some of the best anglers in the country and a range of proven baits I'm really looking forward to the new season.

I’m fortunate enough to go fishing most weekends but the downside of that is finding the time and making the effort to update my Blog which has taken a few different forms over the past 5 years so if you want to look back to the beginning the story for 2010 to 2012 it was blogged here.


You can catch up on my previous Ramblings from the Riverbank covering 2012 to 2015 here and the latest 2016 Blog is incorporated into my website here or clicking the scrolling Blog updates opposite.


Tight lines,



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