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Teme Tigers

This weekend started with a very pleasant evening on a private beat of the Teme fishing for one bite in a swim that I'd had a fish from before, it didn't take long before the ratchet on the Rapidex was singing and I was being led a merry dance out in the main flow.

Unable to resist Spicy Fish Pro and weighing in at 6lb 11oz it was an average sized Teme Tiger but what it lacked in pounds and ounces it certainly made up for in courage and determination putting up and excellent fight.

It was a one fish swim and almost 11pm so I packed up and retired to the caravan for the night.

The next morning I headed off to meet the lads at Bransford on the Teme for the first of two Barbel Society fish-ins. There wasn't too much traffic on the road but it did come to an abrupt halt whilst a flock of young sheep caused chaos.

I was the last to arrive but Bobby Baker had a nice bacon butty waiting for me as we caught up over a cup of tea. I found a swim and settled in, the weather was warm but overcast so hopes were high for a few barbel out between the six of us.

The fishing was slow to say the least, we had 4 or 5 barbel between us but I could only manage a handful of small chub which forced a change of swim after the late afternoon BBQ.

My fellow Chub Study Group members would have admired my chevin no doubt but at 10:30pm despite it feeling like 'it was about to happen' another splasher 2lb chub was to be my last fish of a very enjoyable day so I quickly packed up and retired to the base camp where we sat and chatted about all manner of things until the early hours. These weekends are why I joined the Barbel Society, great company a few fish and plenty of laughs, it's what fishing is all about.

The next morning the sunshine and relatively cloudless sky indicated it was time to depart and I headed off around 11:30am for the long journey home. Next week I'm back on the river Dove and full filling a charity guided day which hopefully will be as productive for my client as it has been for me the last few weeks.

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