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Design & Build

My website design and integration service is a relatively new venture however with the readily available drag and drop website builder I was able to redesign my angling clubs website with ease - Lymm Angling Club.


The improved look and functionality only took a matter of weeks to complete and the simple cloud based hosting means it can be changed or updated instantly by anyone who's authorised to do so.


My next commision was on a recommendation and they liked the Lymm AC template so again it was a relatively quick and ease job to migrate their Blog based website onto the new hosted service - Stoke-on-Trent Angling Society.


The Societies intial requirement was to introduce an on-line payment system for new and reneweing members. This was achieved using integrated form with a payment gateway and now members can pay using debit or credit cards or indeed their own Paypal account.


The new websites are mobile friendly too so unlike traditional website design tools changes made to the primary site are automatically made to the mobile site at the same time. 


Of course whilst having a website in today's media savie world is standard fayre the customer expects to do more and more from the comfort of their mobile device or PC so there's a growing need to offer more web based services from within your website.

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